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CRC Travel Bag

CRC Travel Bag

One of my favorite pleasures in life is traveling. I love every aspect of it; including getting there and getting back home. On my most recent trip, my purse fell off of my luggage and the contents spilled all over the airport floor. This mishap inspired me to create a practical and stylish carry on that attaches to your luggage.

 My first style is a durable black nylon backpack with gold zippers. The best canvas trim I found happens to be forest green with a red stripe down the middle. We are working on a vegan leather tote for the purse-carrying crowd. These bags will be under $160.

 I’m taking my backpack prototype on a buying trip to London. If all goes well, we should have the bags for sale by the first week of February! Follow my buying adventures on Instagram: @classicremixchicago.